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What rights does the father of the baby have?

Legal rights of birthfathers are different and specific in each state. You have the option of having the father of your baby involved in the adoption plan if he is interested in participating.

At The Adoption Foundation we have Adoption Advisors available to support you and guide you to you understand the laws in your state and the specifics on birthfatherís laws.

How much contact can I have with the family after birth? Or can I choose not to stay in touch?

It is very important to make an adoption plan that is comfortable for both you and the adoptive parents. Many Birth Parents choose to receive letters and photos from the adoptive parents, some just periodically. Others prefer phone conversations and actually visits. It is important to choose parents whose ideas about ongoing contact are similar to your own. Sometimes adopting couples are initially fearful about continued contact, but your Adoption Advisor can help them with this and help you make a plan that works for everyone.

What about my medical bills and other expenses while Iím pregnant?

If you need financial assistance, we have adoptive families who can help with your living expenses or other costs that are related to the pregnancy (as allowed by state law). We can help you apply for medical insurance benefits to receive during your pregnancy. The courts will review your expenses before the adoption is finalized. We will help you to comply with the adoption laws.

Each situation is different and the laws vary by state in regards to financial assistance. In many cases you may qualify for the adoptive family to pay for pregnancy-related expenses such as:

  • Medical Bills
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Maternity Clothes
  • Food

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